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Connecting the new and the traditional


Mu:Arts is an international producer and curator specializing in music and the performing arts.         

Based in London and Tokyo, we deliver imaginative cross-cultural and interdisciplinary projects inspired by cultural elements and aesthetics primarily of Japan.

Our latest projects include “Noh Reimagined” project  which explores the art of Noh, the iconic theatrical tradition that originated in fourteenth-century Japan.  Noh Reimagined fosters ambitious collaborations between artists from diverse disciplines from across the world. Many of the works produced through these collaborations have been premiered at the Noh Reimagined festivals in the UK at Kings Place.        

In 2019, in collaboration  with the Tête à Tête Opera Festival and the London Festival of Architecture, Mu:Arts produced the UK premiere of a unique site-specific opera THE鍵KEY written by Francesca Le Lohé , a British composer based in the UK and Japan.  This UK premiere took place at the London home of a director of an award-winning architectural practice.

Our projects are artistically ambitious and aim to challenge divisions of any kind while still respecting the values and philosophy of traditional arts inherited from previous centuries.

We are enthusiastic to develop and communicate with new audiences offering them inspirational experiences through various events and workshops.