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Noh Reimagined – The contemporary art of classical Japanese theatre

 13,14th May 2016 Kings Place, London

Noh is a total art form comprising drama, music and dance. Originating in Japan in the 14th century, it is one of the oldest unbroken performance traditions in the world. This two-day festival explores the art of Noh, in particular its aesthetic concepts and uniquemusical rhythms and tempos, which continue to inspire artists across diverse art forms.

Some of the finest Noh performers from Japan will present selections from classical Noh masterpieces such as Takasago and Toru. Master Shiteactor-performer, Yoshimasa Kanze, will dance to Noh percussion instruments punctuated by the space, voice and haunting pitches of the nohkan (flute) played by Yukihiro Isso.

The festival will transform Kings Place into another world.

Noh Reimagined in Kings Place What’s On April-August 2016

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jjkjk-624x333Yukihiro Isso /// Takinojo Mochizuki /// Leon Michener – Saturday 6th February – 8pm at iklectikartlab

Tickets £7 / £5


Yukihiro Isso with Roger Turner & Takinojo Mochizuki & John Edwards

( and celebration of album launch)at Cafe Oto 4th February 2016.


For booking and info here

Noh Project UK 2016 starts 10 August.

This year, it is linked with Sound and Music’s Portfolio Programme to develop new compositions by two emerging English composers in partnership with mu:arts.

More details here.