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Clásicos en Alcalá, Festival de las Artes Escénicas 、Madrid, Spain 

Noh  workshop 5pm 4th July  2018

Noh performance 9pm 4th July 2018




 Noh Reimagined 2018 

29th and 30th June 2018

Following the highly successful Noh Reimagined festival in 2016, it is returning with an exciting new line-up and theme. Noh Reimagined 2018 will shed light on the unique dramaturgy of this 650-year-old artform, Mugen (‘phantasmal’) Noh, in which the main actor plays a ghost in the dream of a monk, transporting audiences to a world of illusion.

The festival will look at these surreal elements of Noh, along with its use of time, space and symbolism. Six renowned Noh performers from Japan will be joined by innovative artists, neuroscientists and Noh researchers to explore these themes through interdisciplinary performances, talks, demonstrations and workshops.

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7th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival ( Shenzhen, China) 

「速流笛破」- 一噌幸弘四重奏 SOKURYU-TEKIHA – Yukihiro Isso Quartet

12 Oct 2017 20:00-21:00