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Tomoya Nakai

Tomoya_Nakai Tomoya_Nakai

Tomoya Nakai was born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Nakai is a musician and a composer of koto, samisen, and 25-string koto. From the age of six, he started playing koto. From the age of twelve, he started playing samisen. Nakai graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music of Tokyo University of the Arts. He specializes in the traditional koto and samisen.

While being able to freely express the wide range of registers of the koto, Nakai also explores the possibilities and the artistries that the koto possesses. Audiences will be carried away by his mind blowing performance techniques and bold but yet delicate musical expressions.

Music pieces arranged by Nakai are not only full of originality; they also express his unique music style – the fusion of traditional and modern elements. By borrowing themes from the Japanese classical literature, traditional performance art, and myth from all over the world, Nakai creates works that can not only move your heart but can also sooth your mind.

Nakai is truly one of the few magnificent male performers in the world of koto.

Official website: Tomoya Nakai