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Noh Reimagined 2020

Noh Reimagined 2020 –  The Spirits of Flowers 

26 & 27 June 2020 at Kings Place, London

 Noh Reimagined: Spirits of Flowers explores how humans exist within – and as part of – the natural environment. As we adjust to a changing climate, we look to Japan, where people have worshipped nature since ancient times. Noh theatre has deep links to this culture and the kami (deity spirits) that are revered in Japan. These spirits of flowers and plants appear in many Noh stories, interacting with human beings and offering an image of how we might relate to the natural world. As part of this, outstanding Japanese Noh performers will present classical masterpieces, handed down for centuries, while exciting British artists will explore what we can learn from this 650-year-old tradition.

Curated by Akiko Yanagisawa (Mu:Arts)

Further details visit  https://www.kingsplace.co.uk/magazine/genre/noh-reimagined/