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Tohoku Remix is an astonishing new collaboration of  Paris based international artists DJ Click, Etsuro Ono(Tsugaru shamisen) , Kagura groups in Miyagi prefecture, and Bunta Sato( Tsugaru Fue) in Aomori prefecture. More info coming soon!



Etsuro Ono, Bunta Sato, and DJ Click in Hirosaki, Tsugaru, Aomori.

4th June 2016 at Club SOL , Sendai, Miyagi

4th June 2016 at Club SOL , Sendai, Miyagi

 Noh Reimagined 2018: Sublime Illusions of Traditional Japanese Theatre 


Following the highly successful 2016 edition, Noh Reimagined is returning with an imaginative theme and line-up. The two-day festival explores the art of Noh, the most iconic theatrical traditions originated in the 14-century Japan.  The festival will shed light on the unique dramaturgy of Mugen (‘phantasmal’) Noh, in which the (shite) appears as a ghost in the dream of a travelling monk performed by the supporting actor (waki), telling the tragic story in the former life, expressing the deep regrets and lamentations, asking for repose to the monk. 

Top-level Noh performers from Japan will collaborate with the most imaginative British artists defying genre and neuroscientists to explore these surreal artistic elements of Noh, along with its concept over time, space and symbolism, through interdisciplinary performances, workshops and insightful talks.  

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