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About Akiko Yanagisawa

Akiko Yanagisawa (FRSA)  is an experienced international creative producer and arts coordinator, specialising in Japanese music and performing arts. She has  produced, promoted and managed highly-acclaimed projects and events in more than 25 countries across the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania, creating one of the most successful platforms outside Japan. Having studied Japanese and Western arts history and aesthetic for her BA at Gakushuin University, Tokyo, she has has deep knowledge of a wide range of  arts, from baroque to contemporary music, and from Italian Renaissance art to recent conceptual art. 

She is also enthusiastic about social change and the founder of the Azuki Foundation, a registered charity that offers unique workshops influenced by Japanese culture to promote wellbeing in local communities. Akiko also has  conducted research commissioned by think-tanks and the Japanese government, as well as writing articles for magazines and national newspapers in Japan on cultural topics in the UK and Europe.

Media :

An interview with Akiko in Kings Place What’s On April-August 2016

Akiko contributed article on  Japan Times 17 April 14 

Japan Update “Living in UK”  Interview,Sept 2013 (Japanese)

Ensemble”  March 2013 Special Interview  (Japanese)

Kings Place Hibiki Japanese Music Festival 2011, by Michael Church